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From Paradise Beaches to Historic Cities: The Top Destinations in Latin America in 2024

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From Paradise Beaches to Historic Cities: The Top Destinations in Latin America in 2024

We reveal little-known corners of the Caribbean to relax on white sand beaches and turquoise waters. We also highlight trends in all-inclusive luxury destinations that are on the rise.


And how can we forget the majestic Amazon jungle or the mystical Machu Picchu, unmissable attractions.

Modern cities that continue to grow in infrastructure and cultural options for visitors, combined with the intact charm of colonial towns. And the possibility of combining nature, adventure, relaxation and well-being in the same trip.



Brief summary of the growth of tourism in LATAM and the multiple options for travelers.

Paradise Beaches 🌴

Mentions little-known beach corners in Central America and the Caribbean. Highlights local charm.
Highlights new all-inclusive luxury destinations opening in Mexico and the Dominican Republic in 2023.
Explore ecotourism and adventure options on the coasts of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador or the Brazilian Amazon.

Historical Cities 🏙️

Comment on the recovery of post-covid cultural tourism in colonial cities such as Antigua (Guatemala), Cartagena (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador).
Highlights events scheduled in 2024 to celebrate the 500 years of the founding of cities such as Santo Domingo or Panama City.

Uncontaminated Nature 🌳

Lesser-known eco-chic spots with the option of wellness retreats and immersive nature experiences in Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico.

Vibrant Culture 🎆

Highlights vibrant music, art, and celebration festivals scheduled in cities in Mexico, Chile, Argentina.

Practical Tips ✈️

It recommends the best time to travel, estimated prices, currency exchange rates and information of interest when planning trips to different Latin countries.

Eric Wilkie

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